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Updated: Jun 16, 2023

After an extended hiatus, we are proud to be bubbling back up to the social surface. Let us celebrate this season of refreshing, innovation and rejoice in the strength to journey on.

When we began in 2016, the love light children's choir was nurtured by a spirited church body and a committed group of my peers and their families and friends. The church, the community and the people have all drastically changed the way they express their faith, how they worship, shop and interact and live. The way K-12 children give and receive information has shifted away from in-person to online. As a thought leader for creating safe and inclusive online spaces, I will continue to use my expertise to enhance the mission virtually and in real life.

Love Light's Strategic Goals for 2023

  • provide 24 access to Love Light content and community.

  • create strategic partnerships in our community(s)

  • build safe, joyful, welcoming spaces for our community to connect

  • prioritize fundraising and financial planning

We are so grateful to be surrounded by such a supportive and steadfast community of supporters and we cannot thank you all enough for believing in us. We will continue the work that God began, until it's complete.

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